Our Latest Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

The SKF-TK51 & TK71 is our current shaft laser alignment solution that utilizes the same powerful iPad Platform. It offers a measuring range of up to 10m and a shaft diameter of 20mm to 450mm, making it versatile and applicable for various machines.

The unit is ultra-compact, fitting into tight spaces, and has dedicated software applications that enable different types of alignments. Horizontal, Shaft and Vertical Shaft along with Soft Foot and Machine Train are some of the Applications Available for the System.


Comprehensive reports with exporting options, instructional videos, and a machine library with QR code identification are available. The unit can last up to 8 hours and is built to withstand all weather conditions with its compact and robust carrying case.

When it comes to vibration analysis and vibration monitoring, nothing beats the performance and reliability of VibePro GTILube.
Get VibeRMS by VibePro. The ideal app for predictive services.

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Laser Shaft Alignment Tool

The latest addition to VibePro's line of shaft alignment tools. This ultra-compact unit fits into tight spaces, built to withstand all weather conditions and comes with a comprehensive report with exporting options.

Easy-to-use - Intuitive software applications, guided alignment processes and explanatory videos

Horizontal, vertical, and machine-train alignment along with softfoot feature.

Accessories: chains, magnetic brackets, extension rods/chains, offset brackets.

Superior alignment performance with minimal angular sweep down to 40 degrees

Zero Patience for Unplanned Downtime.

Eliminate costly downtime.
Identify faults before unplanned failures with VibePro.

The world leader in vibration analysis for machinery repair services and industrial machine repair, providing innovative solutions to various industries.
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VibeRMS is a vibration meter app with machine certification features. Unique to VibeRMS is the build your own machine mode; which allows creation of an entire library of custom machines with custom names and measuring points. VibeRMS is a truly custom app; capable of providing detailed reports for any machine type.

Build machine from library or take picture of machine and add the measuring points
Select machine to measure from VibeRMS library, standard library or users custom library
VibePro is the leading provider of vibration monitoring solutions for rotating equipment.
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