Unified Predictive Maintenance Data Management

VibePro 24/7 gives you vibration analysis, balancing, thermography, and other predictive data essential to an effective maintenance program - all in one spot.

Manage nearly any asset using a single iPad or web browser with VibePro 24/7's suite of apps, sensors, and accessories. Our single-platform approach makes sensor integration a reality, keeps hardware costs down, and gives your technicians the critical information they need to minimize costly unplanned downtime.

VibePro offers one platform for your vibration monitoring and analysis needs. VibePro specializes in balancing solutions for all your equipment needs.
Easy to use level tool iphone app for vibration analysis and monitoring services. VibePro's laser shaft alignment tool, balancing machine, and level tool iPhone app are the perfect tools to prevent unplanned downtime.

No Patience for Downtime

VibePro 24/7 delivers continuous remote monitoring of key performance metrics to track the operating health of equipment with our unified suite of apps, sensors, and accessories - covering:

  • Velocity, acceleration, and temperature alarms

  • Powerful ability to integrate route-based and permanent sensor data in one cloud-based dashboard

  • Frequency banding with alarms

  • Unique machine libraries

  • Customizable bearing fault library

  • Enterprise reporting capabilities

  • Independent customizable data collection schedule

  • Assign custom assets based on organizational responsibility

Unplanned Maintenance Costs 3-5x More than Planned Maintenance

Your predictive maintenance program is only as reliable and convenient as the system you use to collect predictive data. With VibePro 24/7, you can guard your most critical and hard-to-reach assets from the compound costs of unplanned downtime.

Industry-Leading Battery Life

The batteries that power our sensors last more than 10 years in the toughest manufacturing environments.

IP69K-Certified Durability

Our sensors are highly resistant to heat, moisture, and dust, so you know you're getting reliable data every time.

VibePro 24/7: hardware designed for demanding environments

Made in the USA, our products have specifications like a maximum of 25,600 samples per second, IP69K, FM, and a 10+ year battery life.

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point solutions

Hardware designed for demanding environments

Our suite of apps are ideal for wireless or route-based data collection methodologies via iPad or any web browser.

BalancePro Field

Live FFT Spectrum Analyzer - Velocity & Acceleration

BalancePro Shop

Certification Application Acceptance Testing as Repaired Condition Report

VibePro is the leading provider of vibration monitoring solutions for rotating equipment.

Use VibePro 24/7 on any web browser or modern iPad.

Monitor your most critical assets from a centralized, web-based platform - whether in your office or on the go.

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