Full Suite of Wireless, Standalone Vibration Monitoring, and Corrective Applications

With VibePro's suite of a-la-carte predictive solutions, you can diagnose the most essential characteristics of your most critical assets in one centralized platform.

VibePro is the leading provider of vibration monitoring solutions for rotating equipment.
VibePro has the perfect tool for anyone looking to perform vibration analysis or bearing air.

BalancePro Field

Single & Dual Plane inboard / overhung, trail weight , spilt weight, trim balanced & residual imbalance

With VibePro you can quickly identify and solve problems with vibration analysis rotating machinery.

BalancePro Shop

Single & Dual Plane Balancing for Static &
Coupled imbalance on stanchions.

The world's most advanced vibration monitoring system.

Applications at Your Fingertips

Your operation is unique, with predictive monitoring and reliability data requirements suitable to your maintenance program. We offer a full-suite of applications to designed for your unique needs, from balancing, thermography, and laser alignment to ultrasonic, vibration, phase analysis, and resonance.


BalancePro Field

Designed for easily balancing one and two-plane rotating machinery

BalancePro Shop

Designed for running a balancing and equipment repair type shop.



Everything you need to manage your thermal images like a pro.

laser alignment

SKF-TK51 & TK71

Our latest shaft laser alignment tool



Designed for Preventing Bearing Failure

Airborne Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic sensor for leak detection

vibration analysis

VibePro 7

iPad Vibration Analysis


Top-rated acceptance testing

phase analysis


Cross-Phase Vibration Measurement App


Tool for machine condition monitoring



iBumpTest is a tool for machine condition monitoring and modal analysis

“I now have the balancing platform and love this thing.”

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“… immediately useful, useable and valuable to our field technicians …”

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“This analyzer has paid for itself 10 times over already.”

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“So this package showed up today, days ahead of what I hoped for”

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“You guys did a great job on Vibepro 8, love it so far.”

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“Thank you once again for coming to Hunting and providing testing for us on such a short notice. Your support as well as VibePro’s for our interests is greatly appreciated.”

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“The more I use your BalancePro the more I like it.”

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“You are listening to what your customers are saying."

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Zero Patience for Unplanned Downtime.

Eliminate costly downtime.
Identify faults before unplanned failures with VibePro.

The world leader in vibration analysis for machinery repair services and industrial machine repair, providing innovative solutions to various industries.
route based solutions

Most advanced turn-key wireless solution

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Vibration Sensor Mote

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VibePro 24/7 Base Station

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We offer pre-packaged balancing machines with complete documentation for easy setup.

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Windows and MacOS

Monitor your most critical assets from a centralized, web-based platform - whether in your office or on the go.

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